The 30 Minute Interval Gym

Feel the energy of working out with a group but with a personal training feel. And surprise your muscles daily, with an all-new, full-body workout every day.


You’ll feel the energy of working out with a group but with a personal training feel. We mix-and-match our row-rounds-ropes workouts so you’ll never get bored. Whether you’re new to working out or an athlete, our 30 minute interval training classes have the adaptability to challenge any fitness level.


Target your legs, core, back, and cardio endurance all in one smooth movement. The Concept2 rower is designed to provide a low-impact, full-body comprehensive workout that never sacrifices intensity. In our workouts, rowing intervals play with tempo and resistance to improve muscle efficiency, strength, and coordination.


Versatility is king on our floor. Our floor sections use equipment to vary levels of dynamic resistance. Lift with dumbbells and medicine balls, challenge stability with balance intervals, build a strong core with adjustable benches, tone up with resistance bands, and increase agility using only your own body weight.


Take control of your workout by grabbing the battle ropes. Train arms, shoulders, chest, core, and back while increasing your cardio endurance. Gain strength, tenacity, and agility with a variety of drills that change daily. Expect bursts of speed alternating with short recovery periods or endurance challenges.

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